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Leeds to Skipton 26 Mile Walk

On Friday the 5th October 2012 the Isabella Grace Fund embarked on a 26 mile walk from Leeds to Skipton Canal.

The Isabella Grace Fund was joined by 35 colleagues from West Yorkshire Police & friends. It was an early start with everyone meeting at Trafalgar House Police Station, Bradford for 6 o'clock in the morning. Each participant was issued with the Isabella Grace Bronchiolitis and Rsv awareness T-shirts which had been kindly provided by Embroidery House, Clayton Heights, Bradford.

The strong team boarded a Mini Bus which took us to our starting point which was at Armley. The weather a week leading up to the walk had caused some genuine concern regarding the suitability of the route. Thankfully the last few days leading up to the walk the weather was on it's best behaviour.

The 35 strong team were seperated into 3 individual groups. This was to ensure safety on the canal walk way and that groups did not cause congestion on the route.

The first team set off at 7.30, then 7.40 and finally 7.50.

The route we used is also famously used by the British Heart Foundation for their Charity Walk which was held earlier this year. The route would take in Picturesque view's of the Leeds & Bradford area's.

Details of our Charity Walk were being followed closely by the Pulse and Radio Aire who had featured the walk in their news bulletins throughout the day.

Members of the Public approached walkers on route, asking questions about the Walk and the Fund and were ever so kind enough to make donations on our way.

The hours passed, various members of the group started to pick up blisters, aches and pains but everyone pulled together to help one another through.

The half way point of the walk was near to the Five Rise Lock's at Bingley. Joe Barr was a man on a mission who broke through the halfway barrier first, closely followed by Alan Flynn then Martin & Karen Milner.

Some of the walkers stopped for Lunch, a rest and a toilet stop. After lunch they recharged their batteries and continued the walk with fantastic determination and courage.

Lyndsey and I would like to thank SOCO Offier Chris Cooke for joining us throughout the walk and taking some fantastic pictures.

The walk would finally conclude at the Bay Horse Public House at Skipton. Lyndsey, Isabella's Mummy was awaiting the first finisher of the walk. It was no surprise that Joe Barr completed the walk at 1.45 in an impressive 6 hours and 15 minutes. As the minutes went by, Martin & Karen Milner were not far behind Joe with Alan Flynn and Niel Walsh completing the walk in great times.

As the afternoon turned into earlier evening the middle/later groups started to strive home. Everyone had safely finished the walk by 4pm.

Everyone had a well deserved drink and ordered food whilst resting their aching bones. Various injuries had been sustained throughout the day, the main injuries being severe blisters.

We would like to thank everyone at the Bay Horse Public House for their hospitaility in accomodating us after the walk. We were very touched to find out that staff had donated their tips for the day to the Fund. Thank you very much.

Lyndsey and I are simply overwhelmed to announce that we managed to raise a staggering £5403!!!!!!!! during the course of the day.

We would like to thank Niel Walsh for organising the event, Chris Robinson from Embroidery House for providing our awareness T-shirts. But most of all we could not have achieved such a great figure without the help and support of our friends and Colleagues at Bradford South. Thank you to everyone who took part and thank you to everyone who sponsored the respective walkers.

It was very humbling to see a great group of people pulling together to achieve one goal, to finish the walk and to raise funds to save another child's life.

Thank you all for your support.

Ryan & Lyndsey Senior

Proud Parent's to Isabella Grace

Help us to raise the awareness of Bronchiolitis and Rsv

Please see Pictures of the day